It's a wrap! 2019 | Another 25 days before the end of the year. A lot of things happen during 11 months back. Shall I begin with how struggles I am with my work for this year. Urgh reall hate it. It is a PIG year really feels like Sh** hahahah. I'm a librarian (for those who just read my blog) but since the beginning of the year I need to step up to the teacher's role which means I need to teach kids during library lessons. Usually, we will have a teacher librarian who does all the job but since there no one to cover that job by hook or by crook I have to do it for the kids. The struggle and sad time I'm going through is just a phase of my life, even though it feels endless, it WILL change. I believed it. Yeah, look at me now, surviving 12 months and improving every time. Alhamdulillah. Got positive feedback from teachers and students about my performance well, of course, I need to learn too, bear in mind that I'm not a teacher just because of my passion to teach and I love kids that make me stronger every day.

Being appreciate. I can't express with words.
Starting the year with "Book Week" event I would say it as a successful event with only two of us who handle it. It's an annual event in which we invited authors to come to our schools and do some activities with the kids.

Chemming Boey

Nak jugak kan
kaki Seni
Last day dress-up day "Mickey&Minnie"
Its a mix feeling over the year. A lot of ups and downs happen during this year. Memang main mental sungguh la tahun nih. Struggle with lessons plan, emotional,and the worst when been diagnose with hypertension. Its like whatttt I'm still young. Since that attack I totally change my lifestyle, don't want to think all the things who unnecessary, running at the park every evening I guess that is one of the reasons how I lose 5kg throughout the year. Lucky hypertension was only temporary..Fuh! A lot to take this year. Healing from outside and inside. 

Looking at the bright side, I finally got a new car,I called it ROMEO! all my hardwork paid off! Alhamdulillah,syukur. What else, Yeah meeting with team blogger and went to Indonesia together with them Here (omg!my first overseas trip) Then meet with kak sha Here

Now end of term already. My last day of working today. Going to my hometown tomorrow and spend my time with my family. Below is my latest pic yesterday and today. See my cheeky cheek a little bit slim compare it to the last picture(see mickey mouse dress)yeayy.

Time to reveal the mystery book! pada siapa yang xde idea boleh baca pada entry part 1  
Now time to reveal the mystery book and the mystery patner nad. jeng jeng jeng

ms sageena 
  Ms Sageena adalah merupakan salah sorang cikgu di sekola AD..selalu nampak tapi tak pernah pula nak berborak..setakat senyum je after tukar tukar buku ni kami da makin kerap berborak..objektif projek ni kiranya tercapai la.

ini lah buku yang AD dapat. "Experts'guide doing things faster"..haa tudia..seronok tau buku nie..walaupun non fiction tapi buku ni sangat la effective..bole dipraktikkan dalam seharian.

Meh kite tgk sket isi kandungan buku ni tentang apa..macam macam ada..dari personal hingga la ke beli rumah,do your laundy,memasak haa macam macam la tips die bagi..

tadaaa AD suka tips to choose an outfit. Boleh la dapatkan buku ni di book depository..jangan tanya harga sebab AD dapat free..bole la check online yea..

Book Swap!!!

Book swapping or book exchange is the practice of a swap of books between one person and another. 

In the spirit of holidays, office AD buat aktiviti "Shared a Book with a Mystery Colleague" Misterinya bila kita tak tahu buku yang kita bagi akan dapat sampai pada siapa dan kita juga tak tahu kita akan dapat buku daripada siapa

So ni la buku yang AD balut. Simple je acah acah coution sangat kan..kebetulan ada coution tape. AD pon still tak tahu nak bagi pada siapa. Esok AD update buku yang ada dapat dan kepada siapa AD kene bagi buku ni okeh.