El Deafo by Cece Bell is based on true story. El Deafo is about a little kid named Cece who suffers hearing lost at age 4 years old because of meningitis. In this graphic novel, cece   mother coaxes her into trying her new hearing aid, which has a box she wears on a strap around her neck. She looks in the mirror: “Hmmm. Not great . . . but not bad, either. . . . Those cords though.” She hears much better but still has trouble understanding. One of her friend like to talk super slow (“IS. THAT. AAAY. HEAR-ING. AAAID?”). 

Cece and all the otherwise human-­seeming characters in “El Deafo” have rabbit ears (and rabbity noses) it must be some visual metaphor that author used to make it related to the hearing factor i guess. Cece's life full of drama..its explains a lot about how difficult life could be for deaf girl like her. It's worth to read it.