I know its a bit late to comments for this movie..but who's care..hahaha. If you’re into theatrical movies, then this is perfect! The Greatest Showman is an amazing movie containing music, dance, and singing or i like to called it as musical theater.The moment you sit,you have been exposed with a great performance together with a brilliant choreography. I really enjoy of it until the end of the story but i have to admit that the story line a bit slow for me. Waiting for the climax of the story sometimes make me sleepy but it suddenly turn around when they combined it with the songs.It's like sleepy and wake up, then sleepy again and on and on.  

What I can conclude from this movie is, it contains a lot of  morale value. This movie tells you that you should persuade your dreams no matter what happens..don't let your dreams slip away just like that,that make me think back about my dreams..yeah still not too late to follow my dream..hehehe. Not only that, this movie also teach about equality among others. During mid 19th century when people still orthodox in that time,so that anything new,or anything weird they will try to avoid as much as possible, now how about other people with other specialties? As far as I know,we are still humans even though we have different eyes color,different hair style,skins or even tall or short.We still human.We have a right to be treat as equally as others.They will called them as weird person and try to avoid them and through this movie it teaches us how all humans are equal no matter how different they are. It's really nice story to watch. Overall I give 3 and half for this movie.💜💜💜