My third book for this year. Yeah hopefully I can finish the challenge.

Title: Leave me alone
Author:Vera Brogsgol

An epic tale about one grandmother,a giant sack of yarn and her quest to finish her knitting. There was once an old lady who lived in a small house with a very,very big family. Winter was coming,that meant she had some important knitting to do..but it wasn't getting done.

Her grandchildren were very curious about her knitting:
  • Were you supposed to hit the ball with stick?
  • could you eat it?
  • could you make your brother to eat it?
  • why did the ball get smaller and smaller as you chased it?
The old woman was at the end of her rope.One day she shouted,

and left her village......but don't worry,she will be back.....we think...

very interesting story about cranky,funny and clever grandmother. Wanna know the ending?nahhh you should read it..hahaha