Sunday, December 3, 2017


Hye peeps,finally my customized mug that I order last time from printcious  finallyarrived..yeayy!
For those who miss the post you can read it here.

Why I choose mug because I want something practical..that I can used it everyday. I order it by 27 nov and I got it by 30 amaazingg..only took 3 days to received it..superb..the delivery time so fast and they will keep updating the news of your parcel to you by email also by phone..I like the way they keep track every details of your order. I don't need to worry,everything went so smooth.

Now I have my own customized mug..I bet this is the one and only mug that have this picture coz it made by me..heee soo happy

First thing I do after received my mug is check whether the mug is in good conditions,hopefully there is no crack,result is my mug in one piece.Yeayyyy! They pack my mug very carefully..they even put bubble wrap outside the box,and inside the box..oh can see that they very gentle about the product.What else you can hope for.

 I'm not a big fans of star wars but I just noticed that I have a few things about star wars like my power bank is Darth vender head,my luggage picture also Darth I decided to put Darth vender picture on my mug so I can add on more on my collection of Darth vender.Well honestly I surprised by they company that they can print Darth vender picture so clear on my mug..the resolution of picture is high I didn't expect well of course I'm happy about it.

Now no matter what occasions that you want to do custom made gift either for friends or for yourself, you can always find it HERE.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Travel kit set by organique skincare

Travel kit set by Organique skincare consists of 1 hand cream,1 cleanser and 1 eye serum. What is so special about them? Did you know that they using Australian wild kakadu plum which is rich in vitamin C that contains 160 times more vitamin C than orange. Now let me introduce items that I received earlier.

1.Rehydrate Foaming Cleanser
This cleanser contains 22% palmitoleic acid or also known as omega-7.The function of it is to replenish skin cell loss and counteracting the aging process which leaving the complexion refreshed and purified.The foam is very light..even after an hour I used it my skin feel moisturized and it very much.

2. Rehydrate Eye Concentrate
This eye serum have specialized vitamins and natural plan extracts that help counteract the ageing processes that cause dark circles and puffiness. Today is my 3rd day of using it..can feel the dark circles becomes more lighter than before.

3.Rose Scented Hand Cream
This hand cream makes my hand feeling soft and smooth also the smell of roses make me calm for the whole day.This is because of have Olindum Complex  which fuses natural olinda spring TM water and Lily extracts to deliver anti oxidants,Macadamia Nut oil which provide essential nutrients and lastly rose flower oil,aloe vera juice and chamomile extracts which help calming the skin.

You can find all the information about the product at :

Fb:Organique by Olinda Spring My