Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

By anakdenesor - Wednesday, February 01, 2017

It been a while since my last time watching movie..heee.. The final chapter! wah never tough it would be the last one..

Actually tak plan pon nak pergi tgk wayang tapi da bosan kan,end up ke wayang jugak la jawapnya. Honestly for me 3 over 5 je i boleh bagi..tapi tu depends la pada masing masing kan..ramai yang menguap mase cerita ditayangkan...meh nak story sket.

Umbrella corporation develop a miraculous vaccine called the T-virus that had the unfortunate side effect of transforming those exposed to it into zombies, mutants and the like. After the virus was unleashed, Alice was part of a team sent into Umbrella’s headquarters in Raccoon City to clean things up. Guess what, Alice need to trust Red Queen that the airborne antidote to the virus inside the Raccoon City. Ending?u need to watch it for yourself..hahahah.

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  1. anak dara wak suke tenok muvi resident evil nih., hehe2

  2. i tak pernah folo pun movie ni dari part 1...huhu...

  3. @tiga lalatmgkin part zombie dgn part lawan lawan tu kot die ske

  4. @wahida
    hahahha yeake..dlu mse kecik2 selalu tgk kak main game nie..hahah